been a few days. chicago and other mayhem

I went to chicago last weekend.  Left on thursday back on friday night.

Easy trip.  I am doing some work at a club/bar there.  Good gig.  I hope it keeps me going!  Its decent money and I can do a lot of good work there.

Trip was quick . I need more time out there.

Bought some luggage for next time. I had some issues.  I need to pack better.

I woke up this AM.  My last boss took back money they paid me.  I guess they did overpay me, but I thought it was severance and them paying me to shut up. 

I made a few phone calls.  Got all worked up.  His sister called me and talked me out of being a douchebag.  I dont like to be a douchebag. Sometimes you need to fight fire with fire.  This guy is a real douche. I figure he paid me to take it all back knowing I needed the money.  Jsut a real scumbag thing to do.

Anyway, been worknig hard.  The otehr place says there is a check waiting for me so I am going to pick that up tomorrow AM.  I hope so. I can use it.

Oldest kiddo went to get braces consultation last night.  5 K!!!  ARGGG!

Everything is MONEY MONEY MONEY!  Thoes who say it c ant buy happiness, have a lot of it!  If I had money, Id be in a better place right now. I may have other problems, but right now all my ptoblems are linked to not having enough money!

Anyway.  I have plenty more to say. i am jsut really pissed about this whole paycheck thing that I want to go now.

Chicken Parm on its way.


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