Interesting weekend.

Went and bought 650 dollars worth of fucking lumber so the remodeling guys can finish the job.  This remodeling project is getting expensive!

Had a great time at a friends 40th bday party.  Well, great is a large statement, but was nice to get out with the wife and have an adult night out.  The parents of the 40 year old got WASTED and it was fun to watch all the 40-50 year olds do shots and get wasted and start to stumble and puke after like 4 shots. lol.

It was a warm weekend.  Very summer like.

Had a very nice dinner sunday with the entire family.

My oldest daughter bumped her head.  It was an accident, but my wife is freaking out thinking it wasnt when it clearly was.  She will be OK.  I feel bad for wife as she is just trying her best and we are working against the odds.  It sucks.  But we will do the best we  can and I am sure all will work out for the best.  The little one is definately showing signs of it affecting her.  So, we need to get a grip on this ASAP.

I painted the entire floor of my new house basement . That was kind of cool and rewarding.  I am glad I did it.  I really wanted to do something in the house that made me feel like I didnt hire people to do EVERYTHING.  Even if its just the floor in the basement.  I feel involved.  I suck at painting, by the way.

Played a lot of baseball with the young one. She is quite the little sport!

She also learned to ride a 2 wheeler this week if I didnt post easrlier. I  dont go back and read my last posts. I am determined to continue to keep posting and just never really look back and re-read what I write.  On facebook I constantly post status updates and delete . I dont like to see what I wrote before. Most times I feel like a tool when I read them . This , this is going to be a a bit of me for everyone to look back at .  A diary if you will.  We will see. Hopefully I keep writing it and it makes sense to my kids or something in 20 years.  Or maybe one day I forget to do this and i jsut never post again and this is my last post…

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