day 2

Another day.  Its going to be hard to do this i can tell.  But I am going to do my best to chug along and keep up with it.

Had a good day.

I had to go buy more materials for the house. Some chair rails and paint.  300 dollars.

Decided NOT to get moulding.

Went to the City.  Had some meetings a RS and the other clubs.  Interesting.  Didnt really do much.  Iam not sure how long that will last to be honest.  It seems like a lot of cooks in the kitchen and not enough food.

Sent A to Il V’s. ( again trying NOT to post names of places but going to use some way to rememebr) Didnt hear from him.  So I am thinking he wasnt interested or didnt go? Annoying.  I dont really know him all that well so we will see.  He is B’s boy, not mine.  I could care less if he is involved or not.

Went to S’s house to pick up my older daughter.  Her husband left her.  She is really cool. Too bad she is a big woman and unattractive.  Id send her out to a club, but Id get in a lot of trouble sending her to my spots.

More to come, maybe.

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